Hello there! Greetings from The WebOps Club, CFI!

Hope you all found the introductory session informative.

In this how-to post, we will guide you through creating and hosting your own website. You can use it for any purpose, like showcasing your work, or just about having your footprint in the internet. This is a demo of the website you are going to create.


  • Signup at Github. This is where we are going to store all our code. Choose a cool username (we will be using it a lot)
  • Goto The-WebOps-Club/personal-website-template on GitHub
  • Fork the repository by clicking on the Fork button on top right corner. A fork is similar to making a copy of your own
  • Click on index.html
  • Click on Edit (it will be a pencil icon)
  • Add your name and other required info by going through the html code (don’t worry if you miss something, you can always come back and do this again)
  • Once you are done, at the bottom of the page, click on Commit changes. This will save your changes
  • Goto Settings for the repository.
  • Rename the repository to <your-github-username>.github.io
  • That’s it! Your website is now available at https://<your-github-username>.github.io
  • Go back to the repository and edit index.html as many times as you want
  • You can also add images of your own and show it on the website (it will be a good exercise to figure this out)
  • For the impatient, you can learn basics of HTML at this link, or wait until out HTML session this week

Let us know how it went on the comments. Don’t forget to include link to your websites.