Hello there! Greetings from The WebOps Club, CFI!

WebOps Club Logo

  • Have you ever wondered how the apps and websites that you use everyday works?
  • Ever wanted to make an app / website on your own?
  • Heard about hacking and ever wondered how it is done?
  • Thought about contributing to Open Source initiatives?
  • Heard about GSoC (Google Summer of Code) and wondered how to get in?
  • Heard of API, Cloud etc. and want to understand what it is?
  • Want to write awesome scripts in terminal to put pseud and automate things?
  • Have a technical skill and want to make money out of it by freelancing?

Well, The WebOps Club has the answers.

Technology is all about building new stuff, and propagating it in the right way so that it creates a long lasting impact in the community. WebOps is a ever growing field with development happening every second. Many tech giants have a huge reputation today because of their ability to convey information aesthetically and lucidly through a website or an app. Inculcating the “app culture” hence proves very useful, and adds immensely to one’s skillset.

The WebOps Club is a group for web-mobile-app-software-developers and internet technology enthusiasts at IITM. We educate student community on important technical skills required to survive in this rapidly expanding world of apps and things connected to internet.

So what’s in store for you from the session?

  • We will give you a basic preview of the current trends in web and software development
  • What activities we have lined up for the semester
  • List of projects we have for you.

A peek through the projects list: Some of the projects have been procured from companies that can eventually reward you with a stipend and offer you an internship too! Don’t miss it. Also, we work on some cool projects that has direct impact on the institute community as well as the society outside.

Please come to CLT (Central Lecture Theatre) at 8:00 pm on January 30th 2017 Monday for a short introduction to the club, answers to the above questions and details about the cool projects that we have in store for you to work on.

Students from all years UG and PG are welcome.

  • What: The WebOps Club Introductory Session
  • When: 8:00 pm on January 30th 2017 Monday
  • Where: CLT (Central Lecture Theatre)