Hello there!

Greetings from The WebOps Club, CFI!

Thank you for turning up for the session. Here are some resources to guide yourself into more HTML CSS and JS:





The assignment for next workshop will be creating your own personal website and hosting it on GitHub.

  • Use all the HTML CSS and JS skills you have learnt to create your profile page
  • You can use our How-to guide on creating and hosting your own personal website for instructions on hosting your wesbite on GitHub
  • You can reuse and copy-paste code from internet, but make sure that you know what you are doing
  • The best profiles will be showcased and published on the Club Website




We are conducting a workshop on the Basics of WebOps HTML/CSS/JS. This will be an hour long session where we introduce you to the basic building blocks of webapps.

This session is open for all.

But, for students who have applied for WebOps Club projects through CFI Club Proposed Projects, it is compulsory to attend this session. We will be announcing the selections and further work during this session.

All SIP students should also attend the session.

When: 8 PM, 8th Feb 2017, Wednesday
Where: CRC203

PS: Bring your laptops fully charged with Google Chrome or Chromium or Opera Browser (latest versions) installed.

Edit: The venue has been confirmed as CRC203