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Register for a workshop on Version Control using GIT.

If you are working with code (text files to be specific) of any form, be it your simulations, scripts, android apps, websites, LaTeX files etc. you should be saving them using version control tools like GIT instead of using Google Drive or Dropbox.

Why version control?

  1. Collaboration: If you are working on a group project, many people can edit the same files at the same time
  2. Storing version the proper way, rather than making copy of your files (like, or, etc.)
  3. Restoring previous versions
  4. Understanding what happened
  5. Backup

Read more on Why VCS

  • Date: Wednesday, March 8th 2017
  • Time: 8PM-9PM
  • Venue: ED207

Prerequisites: Bring some LaTeX / code files (any programming language) and GIT installed on your fully charged laptop.

Installing GIT

Those who already know GIT are welcome to volunteer and help out those who attend the workshop. Please choose volunteer in the attending as dropdown while filling the form.

Deadline for registering: Tuesday March 7th 2017 2359 hrs