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The WebOps Club, CFI is conducting a series of workshops on Ethical Hacking.

Android applications have become your go to tools for daily life. With so much of your personal information being collected through the applications, how secure are these applications? This workshop trains you on how to break android applications using basic reverse engineering tools and several other attacks to break android applications apart to find out what these applications exactly do. The workshop will take some real world applications and perform penetration testing on these applications. It will also focus on how to ethically perform these tests and report vulnerabilities to earn bug bounties and make some pocket money.

About the speaker: Srinivas Kodali is an interdisciplinary researcher working on cities, data and internet. He was previously at the Intelligent Transportation Systems Laboratory, IIT Madras working on information systems for public transport. He volunteers with several internet movements and communities focusing on cyber security, transparency, privacy and digital rights. As a white hat (ethical) hacker, hacktivist he documents and reports vulnerabilities of government websites, helps frame public policies. You can find more about him on his website

Date: 12th March 2017 Sunday
Time: 6PM to 8PM
Venue: CRC103

Please note that this is a hands on 2 hour workshop where you will be required to come with a laptop and an android phone. It will be an introductory session, hence anyone who is interested is welcome.

This is the first of the series on penetration testing and ethical hacking.